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Paloma PH24 Manual
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  • Water Regulator

    Water Regulator
    Water Regulator Learn More
  • Water Valve Rebuild Kit

    Water Valve Rebuild Kit

    The Water Valve Rebuild Kit contains all the parts needed to replace the water control valve assembly.

    For Paloma PH5, PH6, PH12/PH16/PH24 Tankless Water Heaters

    PLEASE NOTE - due to a part shortage, Water Valve Rebuild Kits for model PH-12M heaters made after March 1988 are no longer available. 

    To determine the age of your heater, refer to the first 4 digits in the serial number.  For units with first four numbers of 8804 or above - 8804 indicating the unit was made in April 1988, 0608 indicating August 2006, etc. - we will not be abel to fulfill an order for a water valve rebuild kit.  Units with serial number beginning with 8803 or less still have parts available for the PH-12M model.

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