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  • Ecobee Smart Thermostats for 10% off listed price!!

    As our name implies, Low Energy Systems has been working to help consumers reduce their energy footprint since our inception in 1977.  A lot has changed in the past 30+ years, but the objective is still the same.  We provide tools and products that create a comfortable living and working environment, all while saving energy and money for our customers.  Our humble friend the Thermostat is one of the most basic and essential of those tools.  However, for most folks who've tried programming a Thermostat with more than a few features, the frustration involved can quickly make it feel like it isn't worth the time and headache.  If this sounds like you, take heart.

    The Ecobee Thermostats are the ideal solution for the problem of programming and monitoring a thermostat which reliably and efficiently heats and cools your indoor environments  in a variety of conditions.  These truly excellent Thermostats have an easily navigable interface which is remotely and securely accessible from any location with an Internet connection.  Additional features include local weather reports, automated service reminders, and detailed system performance reports to help you dial in optimized settings.  It all adds up to a terrific product that reduces time, money,  and frustration spent on badly performing, inferior thermostats.  The Ecobee Thermostats are an exciting addition to the money and energy saving tools Low Energy Systems has always provided, and we are very happy to announce that we can now offer them at exceptionally affordable price.

    With our new coupon offering, these wonderful tools can be had for an additional 10% off the sales price, giving you more than $30 in savings!  So do your pocket book and the planet a favor, buy an Ecobee thermostat from Low Energy Systems today, and don't forget to use that coupon for 10% off!

  • Tankless Tax Credits Renewed!!

    Brace yourself, because this one's hard to believe. The old adage that Washington D.C. is the place where good ideas go to die received a surprising rebuttal early this year.

    Somehow (whether through divine providence, the enterprising work of of some anonymous congressional aide sneaking it in, or even an actual Legislator taking a stand for the people... well maybe not the last one), a stipulation to renew Tax Credits for Highly Efficient HVAC and Water Heating Equipment was inserted into the "fiscal cliff" avoidance deal signed by President Obama on January 2.

    Does this mean a new era of bi-partisan reconciliation and problem solving has finally arrived!?! Do we all need to buy extra big, high tensile strength umbrellas because pigs have begun to fly!?! Can we now expect lions and lambs to join together in a plea to stop the violence!?! ... Of course not, because this is the real world and all of that is complete fantasy.

    But what it does mean is that with the purchase and installation of a Tankless Water Heater from Low Energy Systems in 2013, you could be ELIGIBLE FOR UP TO $300 IN TAX CREDITS !! And even better, if you'd already purchased and installed a tankless unit last year, the tax credits can be retroactively applied to installations in 2012!!!


    So even if you were really looking forward to that lion/lamb peace rally, only to have your hopes dashed at the last minute, take heart. You can still wash away your woes in an endless stream of comforting hot water provided by your reliable WaiWela/Paloma tankless water heater, and enjoy a little extra cash in your pocket at the same time (although we do recommend removing your pants before you get in the shower).


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