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What's in the Name?

Posted on November 26, 2012

With so many tankless water heater brands on the market, what's the difference?

Tankless water heaters came to use in Europe after WWII. After the energy crisis in the 1970s, there was increased use in the United States, which is when Low Energy Systems started. Since then, more Americans have looked for ways to save energy, money and water.


Paloma tankless water heaters is the pioneer and leader in tankless technology. So what is the difference between such brands as Paloma, WaiWela, Rheem, Ruud, EcoSense and Richmond? The simple answer is: only the brand name. Under the cover, these units are the same and are all manufactured in Nagoya, Japan, the mecca for tankless technology.

Since 1911, Paloma Industries has been designing, developing and manufacturing gas tankless water heaters for residential and commercial use. Paloma entered the US market in 1973 and in 1988 acquired Rheem and is now one of the largest manufactures of tankless water heaters in the US. Low Energy Systems is Paloma's largest distributor.

Paloma/WaiWela tankless water heaters have safety features that are not found on any other tankless water heater. Such safety features include the ICAD (monitors combustion), Overheat Limit Wrap (detects overheating), Flame Failure Monitor (ensures proper firing and detects flame failure), and Anti-Scald Protection (temperature controller to prevent scalding).

When shopping between a tankless unit branded with either Paloma, WaiWela, Rheem, Ruud, EcoSense or Richmond, talk with the Tankless Experts. After 33 years of tankless experience, we know these units like the back of our hands. Low Energy Systems offers FREE technical support on all tankless water heaters that we sell. We are available to answer your calls at 800-873-3507, M-F, 8am - 5pm, MST or

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