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Tired of Waiting for Hot Water?

Posted on November 26, 2012

Have you ever turned on the hot water faucet to wash dishes and have to wait seconds upon seconds, if not minutes, for the hot water to actually flow out of the faucet? Or, you go to wash your hands and by the time you've finished washing your hands is when the hot water you desired finally splashes out of the faucet?

Whether your water is heated by a tank or tankless water heater, millions of gallons of fresh water are wasted everyday waiting for hot water to arrive to faucets. While there are a few fixes to reduce the waste of fresh water and eliminate the long wait, there is one solution that is easy, quick and very cost effective.

Under-the-sink, or point-of-use, mini water heaters can be installed (you guessed it) at any sink for instantaneous hot water at the source. WaiWela Mini Tanks offer a cost effective alternative to recirculation, addressing the need to reduce time, water and energy waste associated with long hot water plumbing runs.

Learn about them here.

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